AMAR KOSA is a word from the ancient language of Sanskrit, which means ‘eternal collection’. With a strong sense of passion deeply anchored within the depths of creations by human hands, the idea of AMAR KOSA was conceived in the early 2000’s as a small project, which then bloomed into a full-blown label in 2016. We believe that human elements infused within each ensemble gives it a unique spirit of its own.

Like the root of our name, our designs have silhouettes of age-old textile traditions which are combined with modern-day fashion senses, crafting collections that are trendy yet comfortable. At AMAR KOSA, each piece is hand-finished by the artisans, giving it an essence of eternity. This feature alone makes each piece a treasured one, making you the heir to India’s rich craft culture. Within the beautiful motifs on each ensemble, you can discover traditions and stories of our rich heritage. All the AMAR KOSA ensembles are made within our country.

With a mind to be a part of and contribute to the “Make In India” movement initiated by the government of India, all of AMAR KOSA’s components, from the fabric and equipment used, to the employees, are a part of our great Indian nation. We at AMAR KOSA believe that a small change today will make a big difference tomorrow!

Vastly indulging in hand block printing and embroidery on natural and handloom textiles, we endeavour to bring to you fashionable yet wearable, and affordable attire which will be a reflection of your soul.

Ruchita Singh

Initiated by NIFTian, Ruchita Singh, AMAR KOSA is a fashion house that specializes in incorporating trending silhouettes in the best of India fabrics. Our team of textile experts and designers source the finest of Indian fabrics, without any favoritism, from Pochampally(Telangana) in the south to Barabanki(Uttar Pradesh) in the north. Being proud owners of looms, the weavers in these communities hand embroider beautiful patterns on the fabric, making them the true craftsman behind each ensemble. AMAR KOSA, sourcing from such communities, is a proud contributor to conserving their culture and giving them the extremely deserved financial stability.

By choosing a piece from us, you will also be a contributor to conserving the rich craft culture of India. Come, find your AMAR KOSA ensemble and enjoy doing so, knowing that you are going to be the proud owner of a piece that is cosmic in beauty and soul.

Our Clientele

The AMAR KOSA “Eve” is one who is willing to explore her senses, and display her soul proud and center. Apart from our pret/ ready-to-wear collections, we also believe in designing with the customer and customize the ensembles according to their tastes. The customer can choose from the range of natural fabrics we provide or can bring their own. From individual clients to multiple stores, we cater to all, including clients across the globe.

The label caters to women of all shapes, sizes and ages, with customization and personal detailing as the key factors. Designer Ruchita Singh brings her 18 years of expertise, promising excellence in craftsmanship and unique ideations. She also houses a line of accessories and home decor that revolves around the same theme and adss a touch of our flavoured Indian ethnicity to any ambiance. Find AMAR KOSA across Bangalore’s most popular exhibitions or pick out some exclusives from the city’s niche boutiques.